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Join our little black book.

Why we have a Little Black Book? Whenever we have a new scale-up as a customer or new opportunities, we'll look into our Little Black Book first. It saves us time, multiple ridiculous job postings and let's face it: Don't we all have our favorite ones. 😉

Why should you join our Little Black Book?
Basically, we come across hundreds of job openings at interesting international scale-ups. Instead of you scrolling the web, just sign-up and we'll send you a message when an interesting opportunity comes along. No strings attached, no guarantees, just a quick way of staying up to date. 

What's next?

Sign up, leave your details and we'll reach out to you. And in case you want to reach out to us, feel free too. You might be just one click away from your next step in your career.


Who typically signs up? 

The innovators, the disruptors, the game changers. So it doesn't matter if you're looking for a development job or your next marketing gig. As long as you want to join companies that will fundamentally transform society with automation, digitalization and decentralization.